Suszy-J's Cakes -     (formally known as Ku-Chi Cakes)
About my cakes
Suszy-J's Cakes offer the following choice of flavours although if you prefer a different choice of filling to which is stated i' ll be happy to meet your individual requirements:

  • vanilla sponge-vanilla buttercream filling
  • chocolate sponge-choc buttercream 
  • lemon sponge-lemon buttercream filling
  • coffee sponge-coffee buttercream filling
  • victoria sponge-jam & buttercream filling
  • chocolate sponge-choc fudge filling
  • chocolate sponge-mint choc filling
  • chocolate sponge-choc orange filling
  • marble cake-half vanilla half chocolate
  • with half vanilla and half choc filling
  • coconut sponge/coconut buttercream 
  • carrot cake
  • toffee sponge
 if you dont see the flavour you require please contact me.
 All the flavours stated above are available for all our larger cakes, novelty style,cupcakes and our bite size cakepops.

DIETARY INFORMATION:We do make vanilla sponge gluten free cakes upon request, but we do not make egg-less or dairy-free cakes at present. Our sponges do not contain nuts but are sometimes made in a environment where nuts are present.
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